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1. Utopian home
2. An ideally perfect place, professionally designed.

Founded by Suzanne Connor in 2014, Casatopia encompasses the entire home. From its location, architectural style, interior elements, layout, design details, furnishings and decoration, Casatopia in a one-stop-shop.

The climates of Coastal South Florida and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona allow Casatopia’s interiors to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. We are often asked to fuse the vacation mentality with a hint of sophistication. Our interiors are a reflection of the homeowners’ distinctive, comfortable, and livable styles.


Licensed Interior Designer, Fluent in Construction


New Construction Homes

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the location.  There are no design rules, a home is the stage where your family creates and tells its story. Your home should be a place you love, where you wouldn’t change a single thing.  We call this Casatopia.


Space Planning & Remodeling

There comes a time in home ownership that you realize: NOW is just as good a time as any to love where you live.  After numerous residential projects, we’ve identified the remodeling essentials to keep you in love with your family’s residence and create a lasting style.  Home advancement is a matter of deploying these basic principles to keep you out of the “I hate my house rut.”


Yacht Interiors & Staging

The interior design of motor yachts is unlike residential interiors in a few ways.  To begin, there are not many right-angles on a yacht.  Accuracy in measurements and extreme attention to detail are essential for these projects.  Additionally, material knowledge for marine environments is critical for a lasting design. Casatopia also prepares yachts for boat shows, much like the model homes staged for sale.

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Creative and Innovative Design Solutions for Homes & Yachts 0
Casatopia has been described as “fluent in construction.”  We absolutely love the process of home building and remodeling.  It is critical for the designer to be at the jobsite regularly, even daily for some projects.  This enables us to stay nimble and adapt to jobsite curveballs.
Being onsite and relating the progress of the job to an owner really sets their mind at ease.  We’ve been called the “translator” by a few clients now because we explain how or why things are progressing in way they appreciate. This also helps the builders we work with proceed on schedule.

Casegoods, Upholstery, and Built-ins

From early in her career, Suzanne designed completely custom interiors on mega-yachts in South Florida.  Built-in furnishings, millwork with custom-designed mouldings, and upholstered pieces were created for each vessel.  These skills and a passion for fine furniture building guided Suzanne to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture Design. Coupling these experiences with an obsession for materials, finishes, woods and metals, Casatopia is equipped to design and produce the perfect piece for your interior.


Builders Spec Homes, Designer Models, and Boat Show Preparation

Many of Casatopia’s clients are Home Builders, Real Estate Professionals, and Yacht Brokers.  We assist a variety of asset-owners and representatives to get their listings sold! The idea behind staging is to inspire prospective buyers by displaying a finished home or yacht that is elegant, welcoming, and comfortable. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours: get the property sold and repeat!


A carefully curated collection of our favorite things.

Throughout our online boutique, you’ll find the furniture pieces we love paired with whimsical art and accessories, sculptural lighting, perfect pillows, and much more. Come on in…we’re always open!